The first zone that entered the World of Microbiome back in 2019 is Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy and for the 3rd time is an integral part of the program.

It is a unique meeting that brings together experts to advance scientific knowledge about microbiome in pregnancy and neonatal, interpret recent research and analyze real-world case-studies. Building on the previous two editions, the main educational goals for 2022 will be to understand the translational framework of host-microbe interaction at a critical period of development. 

Obtaining new information from pregnancy to early childhood and characterization of the microbial interaction between the mother and the newborn, and how this information affects and should affect our clinical practices is also crucial.

In 2022, we will be also focusing on the definition of early life microbiota profile as an indicator of chronic disease risk later in life.

Let’s advance the world of microbiome together!